CPE Lyon Summer Schools for International Students

CPE Lyon Summer Schools: scientific and cultural programme


In May, June and July 2014, CPE Lyon will be welcoming around 60 students from Singapore and the USA together with their professors on different summer schools.

  •  The EURIP programme (European Immersion Program) with the National University of Singapore: chemistry and chemical engineering programme, will run from May 16st to June 13th and will welcome 30 undergraduate and Master’s students and 2 professors.
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  • The BEST programme (Biomolecular Engineering, Science and Technology Study Abroad Programme in Lyon) with the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgiatech, Atlanta, USA), will be attended 22 students with one trainee and their professor. The undergraduate students, will do chemistry practicals from May 23st to July 11th.
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  • IPL Summer School: immersion programme, chemistry and chemical engineering, from June 9 to July 11, 7 students from the USA.
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In addition, during each programme, there will be practical work in chemical engineering, analytical chemistry and organic synthesis, together with French courses, culturals visits (Beaujolais, Vieux-Lyon, the Musée Lumière, etc) and scientific visits (the CERN in Geneva, IRCE Lyon, the NMR Center, L’Oréal in Paris and joint laboratories in CPE Lyon).

The accomodation is in a hall of residence near CPE Lyon.


Maria-Angelina Beaucourt, maria-angelina.beaucourt@cpe.fr
Edith Giacomazzi, edith.giacomazzi@cpe.fr