Colloquium: « Quo vadis in Bioprocesses ? »

November 30h & December 1st2015 at CPE Lyon, France


The colloquium “Quo vadis in bioprocesses ?” is being hosted by CPE Lyon, the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The colloquium’s purpose is to identify bottlenecks, explore novel approaches, and underline major trends in the development of bioprocesses for applications in the health, food industry, green chemistry and energy sectors. 
 Whereas most of the efforts are concerned with the development of upstream concepts such as synthetic biology, genomic technologies, and cell engineering, the intent of this event is to extend and relate these concepts with downstream operations (bioreactor and separation units). It is indeed believed that a system approach integrating basic biology knowledge, from bioengineering to biochemical and chemical engineering, is key for both a wider application of biotechnologies and for the intensification of bioprocesses. 
Integration is critical to meet the needs of industrial production but several transverse topics are also required for a comprehensive approach. These topics include : Diverse biomanufacturing, innovative development in different industrial areas, process analytical technologies (PAT), process monitoring and control, scale-up of bioprocesses ; bioprocess strategies (marketing, funding, partnership…).
Topics where both Quebec and the Rhône-Alpes region are key players, either at the academic or at the industrial level.
An engaging program with well-recognized experts in the field of bioprocessing, from both academia and industry, has been set by the Scientific Committee to generate new ideas, identify innovative lines of research, and initiate new projects between Canada and Europe.



A. Kamen, McGill University
P. Monsan, Toulouse White Biotechnology
M. Delcourt, Global Bioenergies
K. McDonald, UC Davis
O. Nore, Avril Group
D. Masy, Lesaffre
C. Vauchier, CEA Grenoble
D. Groleau, Université de Sherbrooke
E. Bulot, Jungbunzlauer
L. Blum, ICBMS, Univ. Claude Bernard Lyon1
J. Sirois, Université de Sherbrooke
R.L. Bernier, BioAmber, CRIBIQ
L. Voyer, Merial
A. Garnier Université Laval
M. Rosa-Calatrava, INSERM, VIRPATH…

Practical informations

November 30h & December 1st2015 at CPE Lyon, France
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Deadline : November 23rd 2015
Industrial rate : 240 € TTC
Academic rate : 120 € TTC
Reduced rate (Students, job-seekers) : 60 € TTC