Continuing education

Continuing education not leading to a qualification:
come and learn at the CPE Lyon Lifelong Learning Centre

Do you want to update your knowledge? Share your experience? Acquire new competencies? Think about CPE Lyon continuing education

Situated right in the centre of Lyon, the CPE Lyon Lifelong Learning Centre offers “inter-enterprise” courses (based on sharing experiences, these courses are dispensed outside the workplace) or “intra-enterprise” (bespoke courses, on site in the working environment) in more than 10 fields:

  • chemistry,
  • electronics,
  • but also security, quality, biotechnology, applied mathematics, the environment, project management etc.


In 2008, CPE Lyon continuing education, in partnership with Ineris Formation, is offering several new courses on the European REACh regulations, which came into force on 1 June 2007 and which concerns chemical substance registration, evaluation, authorisation and restrictions.

More information: REACh courses

The CPE Lyon Lifelong Learning Centre in 2013:

  • 3000 students
  • 300 courses 

Consult the dedicated CPE Lyon continuing education web site

CPE Lyon Continuing Education
31 Place Bellecour
69 002 LYON
Tel: +33 (0)4 72 32 50 60 - Fax : +33 (0)4 72 32 51 29

Continuing education leading to an engineer diploma

For further information and enrolment:

CPE Lyon Continuing Education
31 Place Bellecour
69 002 LYON
Tel: +33 (0) 4 72 32 50 60 - Fax: +33 (0)4 72 32 51 29
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Work linked continuing education in “Computer science and Communication Networks”

CPE Lyon offer a computer science and communications networks engineer course in partnership with the ITII de Lyon (Institut des Techniques d’Ingénieur de l’Industrie) ) leading to an engineer qualification: « Graduate engineer of the l’École Supérieure de Chimie Physique Électronique de Lyon, speciality Informatics and Communications Networks, in partnership with the Institut des Techniques d’Ingénieur de l’Industrie de Lyon »

accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) [engineering qualifications commission] on 6 January 2003.

The course is aimed at:

  • Company employees holding a DUT: electrical engineering and industrial informatics, informatics, networks and communications (formerly networks and communication management), physical measurements, or a BTS: IRIS, management information system, electronic systems with at least 3 year experience.
  • Status: continuing education student.

Study programme:

  • Refresher: 176 hours of mathematics, electricity, informatics at IUT B. This refresher is subject to continuous assessment.
  • Engineer course: 2½ years, i.e. 5 semesters, alternating school / industry.
  • 4 semesters of course units, 1 week in 2 alternating with periods in industry. One project per year is conducted in industry.
  • The final semester is spent full time in industry.

For more information:

ITII de Lyon
60 avenue Jean Mermoz
69 372 LYON cedex 08
Tel. : +33 (0)4 78 77 07 57
Email :