Become a state qualified engineer (Diplômé Par l’État - D.P.E.)

What is a D.P.E?

The examination leading to a the title of state qualified engineer enables engineers in post to obtain qualified engineer status by having their experience and professional competencies recognised.

Recognition is based on interview and then if successful, a dissertation is presented. These tests make it possible to verify that the candidate has the competencies proper to an engineer, either cross cutting or related to the particular speciality, and a high level scientific and technical knowledge.

It leads to a state awarded qualified engineer diploma in one of 24 specialities and is unlike other engineer qualifications which bear the name of the school where the engineer course was taken. The list of specialities is laid down by order dated 19 August 2005.

The DPE is issued by French Ministry of Higher Education. It is equivalent to the grade of master. CPE Lyon is authorised to organise the state qualified engineer diploma in the electronics and process engineering specialities.

Who can apply?

Any person with 5 years’ work experience in posts usually occupied by engineers.

Where and how?

The complete application should be returned by the deadline set by ministerial order to CPE Lyon. Any application handed in or posted after the closing date will be rejected. An enrolment fee, valid for all the tests, is reclaimed directly from the candidate by the school.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the CPE Lyon DPE: 80 euros.

More information

Your contact for any questions about the DPE at CPE Lyon is Mamadou Traoré

For more details about the DPE, the exact dates of the sessions and the content of the tests, go to the Ministry of National Education web site