"Journée Entreprises" Open Day

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Come and meet CPE Lyon students by participating in the "Journée Entreprises" Open Day, the annual student - companies encounter forum organised by a team of students from the school.

Next "Journée Entreprises" Open Day: 5 December 2013
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logo_je_web_160A space in which students and industry can meet, the "Journée Entreprises" forum has over the last 16 years become a one of a kind event given the number and diversity of the participants.

The event is organised by the "Journée Entreprises" association, managed by a team of final year CPE Lyon students that changes every year.

Come and offer your placements, your projects, your job vacancies…

The "Journée Entreprises" Open Day 2012 : figures

  • 64 companies and institutions present:
    • France: 59
    • International: 5
  • Virtually 250 people present for lunch
  • 40 people involved in preparing the event
  • 15 people on the “Journée Entreprises” association committee
  • 60 student sponsors (1 student for one or several company offering logistics support)

To participate in the next "Journée Entreprises", to discuss the many possibilities for partnerships to suit your needs, to ask for an access code, to consult the CV database or for any information about the event, there is a single point of contact: mailto:jentrep@cpe.fr