FAQ: Frequently asked questions!

Here are the answers to some standard questions you have:

When do I have to start thinking about my year out?

Right at the beginning of year 4! Make an appointment to see the dedicated person (placement in an English speaking country or in Germany).

Prepare your CV in English or German. Then follow the advice you receive in relation to your orientation and the application process. 

When do I have to start thinking about my year 5 abroad?

If I take a year out: at the end of year 4, before going on placement, to get the general information and at the beginning of the academic year during your year out. Some types of applications need to be sent before Christmas.

What are my chances of being accepted for a placement / year 5 abroad?

A solid academic record is still the best asset in the selection process.

But as far as possible, we find placement solutions for everyone, which however does not mean a second rate placement in second rate universities or enterprises!

Am I insured during my placement?

  • In Europe, you benefit from the European health insurance card (to be applied for in France before leaving).

For accidents at work: your CPE Lyon placements office will give you the information about official French social security. Given that you will have work contract in European enterprises, you are covered wherever you are should you have an accident at work

  • In the USA: private insurance is required. The enterprise may take care of it or the organisation that gives you the document needed to get a visa will insure you for the period of your stay (at a cost!)

For any other questions you may have, feel free to contact your interlocutors in the International Relations Department.