CPE Lyon governance

Chaired by Mr Bernard BIGOT, general Director of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor - ITER project, CPE Lyon governance operates on 3 levels:

b._bigot_241 Bernard Bigot

The General Assembly and the Board of Governors with 24 sitting members:

3 trustees for CPE Lyon :

  • Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Fondation Scientifique de Lyon et du Sud-Est
  • The Université Catholique de Lyon

These 3 trustees propose 12 people elected from among the 24 members (usually company Chief Executive Officers) of the Board.
In addition to the trustees, the 12 elected members represent local institutions :

  • The Rhône-Alpes region
  • The Rhône council
  • The Grand Lyon
  • Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
  • The Institut Polytechnique de Lyon
  • The Association des Fondateurs et Protecteurs de l’Institut Catholique de Lyon
  • The Université Catholique de Lyon
  • The Fondation Scientifique de Lyon et du Sud-Est
  • The Conseil Economique et Social Rhône-Alpes
  • The Association des Anciens Elèves (2 seats)

The board of governors

It is made up of several members chosen from among the trustees sitting either by right or elected.
The Board is composed at present of the following members :

  • Bernard BIGOT
  • Loïc LIETAR
  • Georges ROUSSEAU
  • Philippe FINAS
  • Jean-Luc PONCHON
  • Stéphane DEMARQUETTE
  • Serge PERROT
  • Jean-Pierre GIBERT
  • Jean MOUNET
  • Robert AZERAD
  • Gérard PIGNAULT : Director
  • Thierry TIZON : Secretary
  • Christophe DUDON : Invited member

The management committee

It is made up of the principal managers of CPE Lyon and its subsidiary, CPE Lyon FCR SAS.The members of the CPE Lyon management committee are:

  • Gérard PIGNAULT: Director
  • Nacer ABOUCHI: Head of the Digital sciences department
  • Claude De BELLEFON: Scientific Director of the Chemistry - Chemical Engineering department
  • Christine LEGRAND: Director of Communication and Companies Relations
  • Heidi BÖHNERT: Director of International Relations
  • Thierry TIZON: General Secretary
  • Mamadou TRAORE: Academic director
  • Valérie THORAVAL: Director of Continuing Education

Head of school

The school is headed by Gérard PIGNAULT

Gérard PIGNAULT graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique in 1978. He has been at the head of CPE Lyon since September 2004, after having occupied various posts at Pechiney:cpelyon_gp__1250_151

  • In strategy: strategic analyst at Pechiney’s head office in Paris
  • In research: research engineer then head of a research & development team at the Voreppe research centre in Isère.
  • In production: Head of Stade Fonderie, the Pechiney Rhénalu Issoire factory in Puy de Dôme: a site with 1500 people working on the production of aluminium sheets for the aeronautics industry.

Apart from his extensive involvement in various networks (link to the page: 1 school, several networks) Gérard PIGNAULT is also Administrator of SATT Lyon Saint-Etienne (in French), the Rhône-Alpes technology transfer accelerator.