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"Partners" n°6 December 2013

Click here "Partners" n°6 December 2013


  • Edito: by Gérard Pignault
  • Initiatives & Trends: New strategic projects
  • Zoom on: Sandie Chauveau, CPE Lyon graduate
  • Interview: Michel Neuwels, L’Oréal
  • Meet...: Main actors in the diversity and personal development project

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"Partners" n°5 March 2013

Click here "Partners" n°5 March 2013


  • Edito: by Gérard Pignault and Bruno Bonnell
  • Focus on: The new major in Service Robotics and Embedded Systems
  • Trends: At the crossroads of Biology and Chemistry
  • Focus on: Biotechnology at CPE Lyon
  • Meeting with...: Norha Vaganay and Grégoire Heitz

"Partners" n°4 July 2012

"Partners" n°4 July 2012


  • Edito: The challenge of enegy saving at CPE Lyon
  • Initiatives: Colloqium on valorizing CO2 for sustainable energy
  • Trends: Inventing the energies of tomorrow
  • Company Creation Project: The students in action
  • Meeting...: A positive energy

"Partners" n°3 December 2011

"Partners"n°3 December 2011


  • Edito: Company Day "Think outside the box"
  • Initiatives: The power of a network in the web 2.0 era
  • Trends: Closer inspection of internships: Destinations ans Key Companies
  • Meeting...: Talents, when Studies rhyme with Passion

"Partners" n°2 - June 2011

Click here to read "Partners" n°2 June 2011


  • Editorial: Entrepreneurs for a better world 
  • Initiatives: The "Company Creation Project" Programme celebrates its 10th Anniversary!
  • Trends: Engineers and Entrepreneur, It’s possible!
  • Winning combination: The express route for entrepreneurs

"Partners" n°1 - December 2010

Click here to read "Partners" n°1 December 2010


  • CPE 2: New campus, new cooperation
  • Company Relations: Partners made to measure
  • The Endowment Fund:Enabling access to quality education