Summary of CPE Lyon

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1 school of engineering, 2 specialities, 3 diplomas

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1 integrated preparatory class, 1 Lifelong Learning Centre

  • 1200 students on engineer courses
  • 450 students in integrated preparatory classes
  • 270 diplomas per year
  • 3000 continuing education students

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A high standard of research

330 publications per year
16 patents per year
210 industrial contracts

It’s also:

  • 24,000 m² for teaching and research
  • 6 laboratories associated with CNRS and / or UCB Lyon 1 split into 4 departments
  • 400 lecturers / researchers including 150 PhD students per year
  • 75 thesis per year

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Highly international

  • 100 partner universities in 23 countries
  • 2/3 of students spend at least one year abroad during their course
  • 2 obligatory languages
  • 17% of CPE Lyon engineers start their working life abroad

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Close links with companies

900 partner companies
70 % of students abroad
300 inter and intra-enterprise courses
  • A network of 7400 former students
  • 90% of students choose to spend a year in industry
  • Lifelong Learning Centre: 300 inter and intra-enterprise courses

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Industry at the heart of the CPE Lyon courses

  • Through placements. Recruit a student
  • Through a year in industry, chosen by almost 90% of students between years 4 and 5. Recruit a student during their year out
  • Through the business creation project, which is obligatory for the 270 students on the basic course in year 3 (1st year of the engineer course).
  • Through the possibility of doing work linked courses in “Computer science and Communication Networks”, in partnership with the ITII of Lyon.
  • Through the "Journée Entreprises" Open Day, an essential annual forum bringing together students and enterprises, organised by a team of students from the school.

When CPE Lyon engineers arrive on the labour market, on average they have already completed 70 weeks on placement. They have an understanding of entrepreneurship and international issues.

An entrepreneurial spirit!


Groups of CPE Lyon students receiving thet LDLC.COM prize in the competition “Campus Création” on May 2011