Welcome to the CPE Lyon web site!

In response to your expectations, we have adopted a gateway approach for the web site, highlighting a maximum amount of information and with direct links from the home page.

For example, the programmes and their content, information about admissions and practical information can all be found from the home page through the main navigation menu. You will also find them in the “focus” areas.

We hope that your visit will give you the information you need and that you will learn more about us. We have also made it a priority to make as many practical elements and visuals as possible available (images, photos etc). 

Depending on your profile and your needs in terms of information, the web site also offers you access to 2 special mini sites from the home page:

The “International students” web site, which is dedicated to issues relating to international students.

To access to "International students": www.cpe-international-students.com

2 other sites will complete your overview of the CPE Lyon Group:

The integrated preparatory classes site: www.prepa-cpe.com
The lifelong learning centre site: www.cpe-formation.fr

Please feel free to pass on your comments, suggestions or questions to us by completing the contact form.

Enjoy your visit!