A Grande Ecole

A Grande Ecole

CPE Lyon is a private state approved engineering grande école

Its diplomas (5 years post baccalaureate (BAC + 5) are accredited by Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur - the engineering qualifications commission (CTI), a national organisation that evaluates engineering education and is very involved in building a European higher education area. Accreditations are reassessed every 6 years.

For more information: www.cti-commission.fr

CPE Lyon is a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), a nationallogo_cge2009_80 organisation representing and developing grandes écoles, which has a rigorous membership procedure

For more information: www.cge.asso.fr

CPE Lyon is a member of the Université de Lyon, the name given to Lyon’s centre of research and higher education, which brings together the universities and a number of the grandes écoles to give better international visibility.

For more information: www.universite-lyon.fr

CPE Lyon is also an active member of several networks regional, national or international levels.

For more information: One school, partners and networks

CPE Lyon is a signatory to the diversity charter and so undertakes to promote social and cultural diversity within its organisation.

CPE Lyon is also engaged in working for sustainable development.

CPE Lyon also has:

  •  Integrated Preparatory Classes, taking 240 students every year.
  • A Lifelong Learning Centre offering courses to around 2600 employees every year.

2 European quality labels

The ”E-QUALITY” label attributed to CPE Lyon in May 2007 by the Agence Europe-Éducation-Formation France rewards the work undertaken by the international relations team with regard to Erasmus student mobility.

For more information about 2E2F: www.europe-education-formation.fr

At the beginning of 2008 CPE Lyon received the “EUROMASTER” label for its chemistry - process engineering courses. This European label, managed by the European Chemistry Thematic Network, rewards the establishment for the the quality of its chemistry education: management, teaching staff and European organisation

For more information about ECTN: www.ectn-assoc.org