CPE Lyon Electronics - Telecommunications - Computer science course

CPE Lyon Electronics - Telecommunications - Computer science course

Embedded computing, telecommunications, Internet, hardware, software... all aspects of electronics now overlap to provide customers with the service they expect. In these fields the engineer must as much as possible hone specialist skills, while simultaneously integrating on both a technical and a human level.


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To respond to the reality that high technology systems increasingly closely combine electronics, informatics and telecommunications, the school provides student engineers with a global education in electronics / microelectronics, informatics, image and signal processing, telecommunications.

Every year CPE Lyon trains 130 engineers in Electronics – Telecommunications – Computer science

They decide on a speciality based on their tastes and aptitudes, choosing a major during the semester 8 which will be continued during the year 5:

  • Among the majors offered by the school are: "Electronic architecture and micro-electronics ", "Distributed Information Systems", "Telecommunications", "Image and algorithm", "Service oriented robotics"
  • Or in partner grandes écoles or universities in France or abroad.
  • In parallel in year 5 the students will be able to follow a research Masters

CPE Lyon engineers are both multidisciplinary and specialist:

They have an over view of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector and extensive competencies that enable them to design complex systems.

They are also expert in their speciality working at the highest level in large electronics, computer science or telecommunications enterprises or going on to do research for a doctorate

The description of the qualification “CPE Lyon graduate engineer, speciality electronics” appears on the French national professional certification register

This diploma is accessible through Recognition of Prior Learning

Download the presentation leaflet : CPE Lyon Electronics – Telecommunications - Computer science course (in french)

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Years of study, change of terminology!

The establishment of the “European Higher Education Area” and the Bachelor Master Doctorate system (BMD) has meant we have changed the terminology: we now number the years of higher education study from the baccalaureate. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of the engineering course at CPE Lyon have therefore become: Year 3, year 4, and year 5.


Presentation of the training programme in "Electronics - Telecommunications - Computer science" (in French)

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