Grants, preparing for the trip

Grants, preparing for the trip

Grants made by the Rhône-Alpes region

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In order to ensure students have a quality higher education, Rhône-Alpes encourages higher education establishments to include an international dimension.

“Explo’ra sup” grants are aimed at students and apprentices in higher education attending a Rhône-Alpes establishment that is recognised by the state and that issues accredited diplomas.
Explo’ra sup makes it possible to do a course or a placement abroad.

The length of stay must be between 1 and 5 months for a placement and from 2 to 9 months for a course. An average of 5 months is generally funded.
The year out is not eligible for this grant. 

The Explo’ra sup grant provides a monthly amount of 380 euros.

Students that are state funded on the basis of social criteria or those at zero rate the year before the mobility and / or the year of mobility in addition receive departure and installation assistance of a total of 530 euros.

The Explo’ra sup grant can be added to other sources of funding (Erasmus, CROUS grant etc).

Information and applications:
consult the CPE Lyon International Relations Department.
No direct applications to the region are possible. The establishment examines the applications with a view to the payment criteria and pays the grant directly to the students.

European Erasmus grants 


An Erasmus grant is awarded for funding studies. It is a grant of 130 euros per month. It is given for stays of between 3 months and 12 months maximum.

An Erasmus grant is also given for funding a placement in industry in Europe. The placement must be at least 13 weeks and will not be covered for longer than 6 months. Amount of grant: 300 euros per month.

With a concern for equity, students that benefit from an Erasmus placement grant cannot also receive the Explo’ra Sup funding provided by the Rhône-Alpes region (see above).

Franco-German grant


Students wishing to do a double diploma with our partner university in Germany (University of Würzburg) may obtain a Franco-German university grant, which amounts to 250 euros per month.

American Teaching Assistantship grant

A student going to the USA to do a “Master” or a “PhD” may be paid through a Teaching Assistantship or by the host laboratory. The tuition fees are covered by the Teaching Assistantship, in addition to a salary of between 1200 and 1800 dollars per month.

Vulcanus Grant

The student receives 15,000 euros for a year in Japan (language course + placement in industry).

Summer Program in Taiwan 

A grant of around 1,000 euros for the period of the placement in a university laboratory or in industry (2 to 6 months) is awarded by the Taiwan government.

ACS-iREU program: International Research Experience for European Undergraduates at US Laboratories

The CPE Lyon student selected (1 per year!) benefits from the Explo’ra Sup from the Rhône-Alpes region and additional funding from the school.