Some experiences

Some experiences

Gwenaëlle PHILIBERT: A research route

Chemistry - Chemical Engineering (class of January 2008)

« During my year out, I did two 6 month placements. First I went to a university research laboratory: the Ian Wark Research Institute, which is part of the South Australia University and is situated in Adelaide. My 1st placement consisted of basic research in the field of polymers and materials science.

It was a salaried placement and the salary covered my living expenses. It was a really good experience as it enabled me to discover the world of research in a very pleasant setting. I spent the 2nd part of my year out in the analytical laboratory of the Bayer Group’s Dargeoire site.

In year 5 I decided to go to the USA to do a master’s in analytical chemistry. I am currently at the Ohio State University in Columbus. My research specializes in separation science. I recently obtained my CPE Lyon engineer diploma and decided to continue my studies here in order to do a thesis. The average length of study for doing a thesis is 5 years. The chemistry department guarantees funding for the period of your studies, either in return for about ten hours teaching per week in practical or guided work or for your research work if your research laboratory has sufficient funding.

My various placements have given me some very varied and enriching experiences. Although I still have a few years study remaining before finally deciding, I would hope to have a career with an international dimension »

Nicolas LECERTISSEUR: An intense intercultural experience

In year 5, Computer science and Communication Networks (class of 2008)

« In July and August 2007, I did my placement in a company called Mannasoft, based in Makati City in the Philippines.
The choice was based on 2 criteria: the destination and the partnerships. Mannasoft is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has numerous partnerships with other companies in the IT sector. My placement offered the opportunity to undertake 2 missions: programming for a dynamic web site (PHP/MySQL + Ajax JavaScript) on one hand and musical creation for product presentation animations on the other hand. At a professional level, the way of working is very human and religious. The most notable thing was seeing the company’s number 1 objective: "To glorify God in the workplace"!

You can live very cheaply in the Philippines. A classic menu at MacDonald’s only costs 62 pesos (1 euro), and a plate of sushi in a sophisticated restaurant only costs 240 pesos (4 euros). However, it is not very easy to travel outside the town without your own means of transport. In the town taxis are the favourite means of transport and are also ridiculously cheap. Once I had the opportunity to go outside the town, I visited Tagaytay, which has a plunging view over the Taal volcano, one of the most original volcanoes on the planet. I also visited a museum dedicated to the national hero, who through his execution and final letter triggered the revolution against the Spanish colonialists.

Another remarkable fact, July and August is in the middle of the rainy season in the Philippines and sometimes there is torrential rain and faster than flash floods.

To sum up, I would say that it is a very interesting country, as much from the point of view of the work culture as of the culture of the country itself… A pleasant place where you will learn and discover a great deal! »

Simon ROCTON: An unforgettable university exchange

In year 5, Chemistry – Chemical engineering (class of 2008)

Simon is in the middle!

« For my 5th year at CPE Lyon in the Chemistry - Process Engineering department, I went on a university exchange to the University of Ottawa in Canada (a CPE Lyon partner university).

I stayed in Ottawa for 8 months and have some excellent memories of my time there: learning to speak both everyday and academic English, discovering lots of new cultures and going on some excursions and unforgettable trips. I am convinced this adventure will only be one of many in my career plan as I learnt so much about others and myself. I would therefore encourage all CPE Lyon students to throw themselves into this project, which will certainly be one of the best experiences of your lives! Bon voyage to you all! »

Xavier TALBOT: The double diploma

In year 5, Electronics – Telecommunications - Computer science (class of 2008)

« For my 5th year at CPE Lyon ETI, I had the opportunity to go to London to do a "Master of Science". Unlike most Erasmus exchanges, this one, based on a partnership between CPE Lyon and University College London leads to a qualification. At the end of the academic year (September 2008) I should therefore have a CPE Lyon engineer diploma and MSc in Technologies for Broadband Communications from the UCL.

For me a year abroad is a great opportunity that fits in perfectly with to my decision to continue post DUT studies, but above all fits in perfectly with my career plans. As I am attracted by the prospect of an international career, having a qualification from one of the top universities in the world will be an enormous advantage when I start looking for a job.

This experience is also an opportunity to discover the English education system and their university structures. Compared to France, the educational “change of scene” is complete. The University has colossal resources, the environment is very international and in lectures you find yourself sitting next to Mexicans, Italians, Chinese etc. .

Taking a CPE Lyon engineer course is therefore clearly making the choice of an international orientation and although the standard is still high for a student coming from an IUT, there are some great opportunities ahead! »

Laure JOHANN: A year in industry in Germany

Chemistry - Process Engineering (class of 2007)

«I spent my year in industry with Merck KGaA, at Darmstadt in Germany. During the first semester, I was on placement in the department of "Pigments R&D Cosmetics" where my job was research and the organic synthesis of new molecules for cosmetic applications. In particular I worked on projects related to finding new anti-mosquito products, new anti-oxidants, anti-age compounds for and molecules active against hyper pigmentation. The laboratory team was young and friendly and my placement supervisor, an expert in the field, passed on an enthusiasm for chemistry and a large amount of knowledge about the organic synthesis of natural substances.

For my placement in the 2nd semester, I worked in the "Medicinal Chemistry Lead Forschung" department working on combinatorial chemistry for screening new molecules for pharmaceutical applications and more particularly for cancer, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases.
I therefore had the opportunity to discover two major areas of research with Merck.

Outside work, life in Germany is very pleasant too. In fact Merck regularly took on lots of students of all nationalities and every month, a "Praktikantentreff" is organised one evening so that everyone can get to know one another. The company also gives students the opportunity to participate in special events and to practice a number of sports free of charge. From time to time students organise weekends during which they discover Germany or neighbouring countries (Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic etw) together.

My year with Merck was a very enjoyable experience and one that I would recommend to all pupil engineers that want to spend a year in industry. It has been beneficial in terms of the professional learning experience but has also been enriching in terms of international encounters and cultural experiences »