Key figures


  • 6 education and research domains : organic chemistry, chemical analysis, catalysis  polymers and materials, chemical engineering, electronics, imaging and signal processing
  • 5 institutes under the authority of CNRS, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, INSA Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
  • 180 researchers,  teachers, engineers and technicians
  • 200 PHD students
  • More than 200 publications and patents per year

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  • 100% students have to spend at least 3 months abroad through their training programme
  • 110 partner universities in 25 countries
  • 2/3 of students go and study or have an internship abroad through their studies at CPE Lyon, for a 1 year period.
  • 2 foreign languages
  • 26% of graduates begin their career abroad

Relationships with companies

  • 175 persons from external companies involved in the training programmes
  • 1200 students are doing their internship in a company each year

Continuous training center :

  • 3000 trainees every year
  • More than 300 training courses per year
  • 1 degree apprenticeship in Computer science and communication networks

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