Accompanying and helping students: our priority

As the number of students in each discipline is small (around 150 for chemistry – process engineering, 130 for digital science, and 75 for computer science and communication networks) it is possible for the students to get to know each other and the staff. This therefore creates a great atmosphere in the faculty. Apart from passing on knowledge and offering individual guidance, the goal of the educational team is also to give students all the tools they will need for their future careers.

The large number of associations, together with support for the school from different sources, indicates that good student relations are a key point for CPE Lyon.

Precedence is given to enable the students to do well in CPE Lyon and this is done through supervision, mentoring, help with finding internships, and setting up help and specialized equipment for students with permanent or temporary disabilities, etc.

As CPE Lyon has permanent teaching staff, this means that students can easily meet them in order to speak about scientific and/ personal subjects.

Each academic year has a « Head of Year », who, apart from teaching, spends their time verifying that students are doing well and resolving any difficulties.

Each study branch also has an assistant member of staff.

There is also help in finding internships from an administrative team who are in contact with many French and international companies in order for you to find the best work experience. Additional help can also be given by the Language Teaching Team and International Relations Department.

In addition, the career guidance team accompanies students and young graduates in the elaboration of their professional project and prepares them for their entry into working life. This includes setting up meetings with firms, workshops, interview simulations, and employment seminars. These are all services and occasions that can greatly benefit students at CPE Lyon.

For students with permanent or temporary disability, there is a designated person ready to answer all questions related to your needs. If necessary, they can also set up adapted solutions for students with a permanent handicap, in association with a qualified MDPH doctor. N.B. the disability must be reported well before the studies begin in order to leave sufficient time to add or adapt equipment.

There is also the possibility for student engineers to validate a 3-year engineering course diploma in disability called «Mission Handicap».