Joint training programmes

Partners to offer more training programmes

Local partners

Partner institutes or HE schoolsTraining programme opened to CPE Lyon students
Institution des Chartreux – LyonAssociated preparatory classes: CPE Lyon – Institution des Chartreux
ITII de LyonCPE Lyon Master’s degree in computer science and communications networks
Université Lyon 1“Masters recherche” M2 for CPE Lyon students in year 5 :

>Chemistry – chemical engineering: Masters in Chemistry / Material sciences / Chemistry physics and analytical sciences / Risks and environment / Health engineering

>Digital sciences: Masters in Electronics, énergie electrique, automatique / Computer science / Health engineering

Institut des sciences pharmaceutiques et biologiques de l’Université Lyon 1Double dipoma Pharmacist – engineer (Years 4 and 5 / chemistry – chemical engineering)
emlyon Grande EcoleDouble diploma « Business mediation » (Years 3, 4)

National partners

Partner school or networkTraining programme opened to CPE Lyon students
FESICYear 5 exchange in another school of FESIC network, for students in “Digital sciences” CPE Lyon training programme
Logo Fédération Gay-LussacFédération Gay-Lussac (FGL)Year 5 exchange in another school of FGLnetwork, for students in “Chemistry-chemical engineering” CPE Lyon training programme
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Pétroles et Moteurs (ENSPM)Year 5 exchange opportunity offered to all CPE Lyon students
Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN)Year 5 exchange opportunity offered to all CPE Lyon students

International partner Universities

CPE Lyon has contracted agreements with more than 110 universities all around the world, so that the students can go and study abroad during 6 months in Year 5.

International partner Universities