Research laboratories in Digital sciences

The CPE Lyon digital science department research policy consists of attaching its lecturer researchers to existing structures.


The department is managed by Nacer Abouchi.

The electronics – microelectronic team is attached to the heterogeneous system design team at the Lyon Institute of Technology (INL).

The image team is attached to the Laboratoire Hubert Curien at the University of Saint-Etienne.

The telecommunications and embedded computing team works with the CITI Lab at INSA Lyon.

Lyon Institute of nanotechnology (INL)

UMR 5270 CNRS, ECL, INSA, Université Lyon 1 and CPE LyonLogo labo de recherche INL
Director: Catherine Bru-Chevallier
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Research is organized in four areas:


Functional oxides on silicon, heterostructures combining semiconductors and crystalline oxides, nanowires (III-V, Ge and oxide), monolithic integration on silicon, functional integration, nanostructuring by electrochemical anodisation, III-V heterostructures for photonics, nanoemitters and nanoprobes, nanocharacterization, physical studies


Single electron devices, Silicon-based nano-devices, functional material-based devices, computing architectures based on emerging technologies, distributed sensor systems, heterogeneous design methods, MEMS, micro- and nano-scale electrical characterisation


Photonic crystals, nanophotonic integration, III-V semiconductor-based MOEMS, silicon solar cells (process, silicon thin-film, nanostructures), optical and electrical characterizations and simulations


Bottom-up nanotechnologies, integrated micro-nano-biosystems, biomedical sensors, intelligent clothing, lab-on-chip, micro-nano-fluidics

For further information feel free to contact Nacer Abouchi.

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Hubert Curien laboratory (LHC)


Director: Florence Garrelie
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The Laboratoire Hubert Curien, has, since January 2007, been the new name of the TSI Laboratory. Its activity concerns information sciences and technology and communication.
Its research themes are: photonic systems, diffractive optics science and technology, laser processing, biophotonics, image processing as well as informatics and machine learning (formerly the EURISE team).

The LHC is organised into 2 departments:

  • Optics and Photonics: Micro-nanostructuring of materials (O. PARRIAUX), laser – materials interaction (R. STOYAN) and biophotonics (Aziz BOUKENTER).
  • Informatics and Image: image processing (M. JOURLIN) and machine learning (C. DE LA HIGUERA).

Centre of innovation in telecommunications and integration of service (CITI lab)

Research unit INSA Lyon, INRIA
Director: Fabrice Valois
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CITI is an academic laboratory associated with INSA Lyon and INRIA. The CITI laboratory develops research activities bringing together computer science, networking, and digital communications to address the challenging issues related to the development of Internet.

CITI aims at “connecting objects, connecting people, connecting companies to build the digital world”:

  • Wireless networking
  • Radiocoms
  • Embedded systems
  • Middleware and distributed systems.
  • Personal data