Being student at CPE Lyon

The scientific studies programme at CPE Lyon is quite intense, but there is also a great life «outside» class!

The Sports Office (BDS) offers you a choice of 17 sports which can be done on the campus facilities.

The year includes about 30 periods or notable events, organized by the different student associations and clubs (link to the Student Life / Assoc and Clibs page) , and coordinated by the Student’s Office.

Through sport, culture, leisure and relaxation, science, humanitarian actions, and professional initiatives, each student can discover the extra-curricular activities which suit him/her the best. And for those whose wishes are not satisfied by this choice, you can establish your own project!

The highlights of student life in the school

SEPTEMBER: Start of the year and Fresher’s/Induction Week 

The first highlight of the year is when the 3rd years are welcomed. The whole school is involved: the administrative and teaching teams and the Student’s Office. During the first few days, you are offered a special programme of events to help quickly become an integral part of the school, get to know your year group, and also the 4th and 5th years. The highlight of this period is a week-end (WEI) in a place kept secret till the last minute!

NOVEMBER: Graduation Ceremony and Gala

While certain students arrive, others graduate and head for new horizons. Each year more than 300 students in chemistry and in digital science graduate from CPE.

The graduation ceremony takes place in the prestigious Salle 3000 in the Lyon Congress Center (Cité internationale) in the presence of more than a 1000 people: graduates, family, school staff, etc!

The graduation ceremony is followed by a Dinner and Gala evening, organized by the Gala Association. This event is first and foremost for the students graduating, but is of course open to all students and staff at CPE.


At the end of the first semester, and well into the ski season, you deserve a few days holiday! The ski week is organized by the Student’s Office and enables you to have a breath of fresh air and a few festive evenings, etc.

FEBRUARY: Student’s Office Campaign

Prepare your list of members!

The Student’s Office is elected at the end of a very active campaign, during which several lists try to convince the electors to choose them via films, breakfasts, events, and meals, etc. There is an exuberant atmosphere at CPE. Do you want to be part of the next Student’s Office?

In February, we also say « good-bye » to the year 5 students, who leave CPE to do their Final Year Project all over the world. A get-together is organized in their honor.


Another highlight in the life at CPE is the Arts Week in March-April and the artistic talents at CPE sees the light of day, both that of the students and the teaching staff. The programme includes the Opening Evening, Theater Evening, Musical Comedy, exhibition of paintings, drawings, photos and other poetic creations. This week ends with a Cabaret Evening in the large amphitheatre of the school … ambiance guaranteed!

MAY-JUNE: The Finals of the “Company Creation Project” competition

At this period of the year, there is also the «end-of-year» week-end, to say «see you soon» to the year 4 students, most of whom are off to work in a company for 6 months or a year.