Being a student in Lyon

The Lyonnais patrimony is a very rich cultural environment and is part of the UNESCO’s world heritage due to its historical sites, monuments, museums, and exhibitions, etc.

Culture in Lyon

Lyon has many theaters, concert halls, cinemas, café-theaters, shows, and dance halls, etc. but is especially famous for its gastronomy.

If you want to know everything about Lyon, then go to:

Visit the Onlylyon site

In addition, a site has been designed especially for you, future students in Lyon:

Visit the Lyoncampus site

Finally, at CPE Lyon, the Cultural Commission of the Student’s Office is in charge of finding you numerous invitations and reduced-price entry tickets for concerts, plays, cinema pre-screening of films, etc.

Ski, Sea and Paris

Choosing your school is also choosing a city and its social life and environment.

An excellent summary of Lyon would be « a large university city and European metropolis, combining dynamism, business and quality of life».

Lyon is in ideally positioned: close to the Alps, and 2 hours from Paris and the Mediterranean Sea (by TGV).
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the city where the cinema was invented by the Lumière brothers, the cultural life of Lyon is very dynamic with many large events: Nuits de Fourvière and Nuits sonores, (music festivals), Fête des Lumières (Light Festival), Biennale de la Danse and Contemporary Art (every other year), etc.