Exchange programmes

International students can do one semester, one year or the complete course in Chemistry–Process Engineering or in Digital Science. They must apply for one of the following exchange programmes in which CPE Lyon is involved.

n+i network

The international students apply to CPE Lyon via the n+i network. This consists of about 50 engineering schools in France

Students first do one preparatory semester in SIGMA Clermont-Ferrand  (semester 7).

They then join CPE Lyon in semester 8 and after that they continue their studies in year 5 (semester 9 and 10). This academic path enables the students to obtain their CPE Lyon engineering diploma in the branch of Chemistry-Process Engineering or Digital science.

BRAFITEC – Brazil-France engineers in technology

In chemistry and process engineering:

The objective of this educational programme is to promote cooperative projects in the hope of training future engineers via a bilateral exchange of both students and teaching staff.

A project BRAFVERT: this is a cooperative project between Brazil and France in the training of engineers in chemistry and Green sustainable processes. It involves CPE Lyon, ENSCMu, ENSIACET, ENSCL and ENSCR.

In Brazil, the universities are:

In the Digital Science domain:

CPE Lyon is a member of the AMPERE network and is involved in the «FOTAMISE 3» and «Connected Objects» projects.

The Brazilian students of the partner universities given below, can apply to CPE Lyon for an exchange:

ARFITEC – Argentina-France engineers in technology

CPE Lyon is involved in three projects within the ARFITEC network.

The projects are the following:

  1. AFIChVerteproject (Argentina-France Green Chemistry Engineers ) with the following universities:

2. CIENCIA 5 project – (Electronic engineering, communication, computer science and applications, 5) involving 7 French Schools in the AMPERE network and the following 4 universities in Argentina:

The Argentine students from these partner universities can apply to CPE Lyon for an exchange of one semester in year 5 (semester 9). They must study French (FLE) but could, if they wish, sit a Cambridge University English exam to validate their English level.

MEXFITEC – Mexico-France engineers in technology

CPE Lyon is working with the MEXFITEC network on the MEXFIChVerte  project (Mexico–France Cooperation in the training of future engineers in green chemistry) alongside the 4 other French schools and the following 7 Mexican universities:

The Mexican students will do one semester at CPE Lyon in  «Chemistry and processes applied to the environment ».

They must also study French (FLE) but could if they wish, sit a Cambridge University English exam to validate their English level.